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Week 2, Module 1: The Concepts and Values of Peace and Conflict Studies.

This week we began the formal modules.

Module 1, looked at “The Concepts and Values of Peace and Conflict Studies.  Discussions were led by Dr. Tom Woodhouse Emeritus Professor, University of Bradford and Irene Morada Santiago

Day 8 (Monday, 21 January)- State of the Art of Conflict Resolution

Day 9 (Tuesday, 22 January) – Defining Conflict Resolution: Classic Modules & Concepts

Day 10 (Wednesday, 23 January) – Nature & Types of Conflict and Root Causes of Conflict

Day 11 (Thursday, 24 January) – Gender in Conflict Situations

Day 12 (Friday, 22 January) – Do No Harm

This module involved over 120 pages of rereading from Dr .Woodhouse’s book and some homework assignments in the evening regarding Peace Heros in our world  – present and past.

It is the base of the work we will build on next week and I especially appreciated the time and context to discuss these concepts in a global framework.  

When we are talking about preventing the mass violence towards populations it can make you feel a bit irrelevant and yet as we continued our conversation time and again it was brought home how the local affects the global and the reverse is also true.    As Canadians we have a lot to learn.  But we have a tremendous amount to give.  The attached picture is with my fellow Canadian Lorelei Higgins from the City of Calgary, along with Dr Woodhouse and Irene Santiago.

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