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Week one

January 14- 20, 2019

Good Morning!

We have begun.  Class 26  is comprised 22  fellows from a wide variety of sectors and Nations including : Nigeria, Liberia, Australia, the USA, Pakistan, Germany, the UK, Zimbabwe, Finland, Colombia, Romania, Australia,  El Salvador, Spain and Canada

We began Monday with an orientation of the University and introductions of ourselves.  It is humbling to be in a room filled with people who care and have been working around the world to make their community safer, stronger more equitable! 

This week was about orientating ourselves, to Thailand its history and culture and to each other as classmates and colleagues!

As some of the work we will be doing will involve some trauma (to ourselves or working with others who are affected).  Some care was taken to ensure that we had awareness and plans to ensure safety for all involved.

Day 1 (Monday, 14 January) – Orientation at Rotary Peace Centre – Chulalongkorn University

Day 2 (Tuesday, 15 January) – Orientation at Rotary Peace Centre – Chulalongkorn University

Day 3 (Wednesday 16 January) – Self Care and Trauma – Chulalongkorn University

Day 4(Wednesday 17 January) – Self Care and Trauma – Chulalongkorn University

Day 5 (Friday 18 January) – Individual Conflict Analysis Presentations

Day 6 (Saturday 19 January) – Free Day

Day 7 (Sunday 20 January) – Rotary Orientation.  Rotary Thailand Headquarters

We have one day off this week, as Sunday was spent at Rotary Thailand’s Headquarters in Bangkok where we were provided an overview of the work Rotary does around the world.

Each of my class has been provided a Rotary host to assist each of us to navigate.  I have been fortunate to have been paired with Maliwan Wongsa-no, who is from Bangkok Pattanakarn Rotary Club, District D-3350.  Maliwan has two other colleagues – Daritka Praison and Varinder Tiransar from the same club who have also been partnered with two of my classmates.  Thank you for all your assistance care!

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