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Week 7, Module 3: Conflict Resolution Skills, Approaches and Strategies

Sà-wàt-dee ka, สวัสดี!

The weekend was spent doing research and homework.  The class is moving so fast.  How could it possibly be week 7?  This course work and immersive experience is really amazing and I know that each of my class mates and I feel strongly just how beneficial this material is (and will be)to our work   However, because it is only 3 months (which sounds like a lot, but is in reality extremely brief to cover this volume of material),  each week has at least two topics that on their own could encompass course material for a whole semester plus.  By the days end we finish one topic and have to immediately pre-read for the day next. 

I am not complaining, and I love the challenge, I do wish I had more time to practice and discuss some of this material in greater detail.  These weeks have renewed the passion for learning new things.  Life long learning, academically  as well as experientially.

Week 7 has three areas to cover and each has come with several hours of pre reading (or viewing in one case)!

Monday and Tuesday February 25/26th we studied:  Strategies, Media, Technology, Conflict and Peace with Mr. Arik Segal Founder & CEO, Segal Conflict Management.   Mr.Segal is an expert in international conflict management and in the application of advanced technologies in innovative dialogue structures.

Fascinating… This portion really focused me on the power and possibility of the web and social media. Time plug myself in a bit more. I have updated my social media accounts and as you can see I have added a QR code from the Chulalongkorn Facebook page with details and pictures of this session!  (you open your cell phone camera and hover it over the QR code and it will open to the link!) 

There is so much potential  to utilize this technology in all of our work and harness it for peace work!   Accountability? Transparency ? I see real connections in my work.   There are also some apps that allow interactive engagement when we are presenting!  We used Kahoot a couple of time!  So very good as a tool!  Artificial Intelligence (AI) was also a portion of these days. It has such potential and yet is truly terrifying!  Enough Said.

What are the reasons for conflicts on the virtual dimension? Structurally, it is a new space for human interaction, and interaction between people from conflicting parties/nations. It is the virtual communication with mainly text, no physical cues, no trust and no rules. It raises high chances for ambiguity and misunderstanding. Economically due to the development of E-commerce, there are more transactions taking place online between people and institutions and between people and people. Technologically, social media platforms are guided by business models and algorithms that don’t consider the impact on interaction between humans from different cultures, different, identities and so on in this new space. Legally, there are no clear rules and laws to regulating this space. And it is impossible to fully enforce

rotary peace center at chulalongkorn university

Wednesday February 27th, Dr. Janjira Sombatpoonsiri Lecturer International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University Thursday and Friday we ended with the intellectual heavyweights of International and Humanitarian Law.  Professor Kishu Daswani has been teaching law at the Government Law College, Mumbai for over 25 years. He was also a Rotary Peace Fellow over 10 years ago right here at Chulalongkorn University

How to convince people to come over to agreement to your views?   Wednesday was a quick look at non violent resistance.  More then half of the successful resistance movements have resulted from non violent resistance.  How is this not well known?   Nonvioent action allows you to mobilize power … Collective action, staged by mass organized movements.   

What you need for a successful campaign 1- SWOT -know your campaign and movement. Analyze it.   2- Know your objective (need to be SMART – SPECIFIC MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE RELEVANT AND TIME BOUND ) 3-Mappingstake holders ONLINE COURSE IS FREE ONLINE RESOURCES AND TOOLKIT

Thursday and Friday was International law and Humanitarian Law.  A big topic for a small town Canadian girl.  After reading the legalize . Class 26 #rotarypeacefellows staged a mock International Court of Justice to analyze the contents of UN Charter and the conditions for a state to act on self-defense or on behalf of the responsibility to protect (R2P).   This was great fun – and I really got into the spirit of the court, winning a prize for (one of) best presenters.  Great wrap up to a heavy week!

Thursday Evening a few Peace fellows were invited to a fundraising event by Rotary Bangkok.   What amazing and generous people.  we met new friends and listening to wonderful music!  Thank you

Thank you    — K̄hxbkhuṇ (Khop koon) ขอบคุณ

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