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I have arrived!

My Rotary host councilors pick me up!

I have arrived and have spent 1 and a half days in Bangkok , getting orientated and figuring our how to edit this blog!

The trip took 26 hours. Vancouver to Hong Kong was 30 minutes late for almost 14 hours in the air.  As a result I was bumped from my Hong Kong to Bangkok leg leaving 3 hours later and my amazing contacts from Rotary still came and met me at the airport to drive me to the University Campus where I am staying!

Thank you Rotary and Maliwan and Daritka, having a ride and straight to accommodation sure made it easy and I appreciate the care provided.

Arriving after midnight on Saturday January 12th (Bangkok is 13 hours ahead of Winnipeg time), I got up Saturday and sorted out my room,  and got a Thailand SIM card to communicate with the other Peace Fellows and walked and walked.  By the way it is 32 degrees here!

It is now Sunday morning I got up at 600 am  so I can update you all.  Some of the class has already started a group “Whats App” contact list and we are meeting downstairs to explore the Market/City together!   I will send a brief update when I return and then class starts tomorrow morning!  Very excited and looking forward to the unexpected!


  1. Wayne Ruff

    Very interested in the program you are being trained in –
    As a retired high school principal , school trustee and someone who exposed his former staffs to Non Violent Crisis Intervention Strategies-and who ran a Teacher Recruitment Company for EAL teachers, I am both familiar with Thailand ( 4 different visits to selected schools) and also am aware of the need here amongst professionals to learn more about non-violent interventions- My son-in-law (Ron Johansson) is a retired police officer and he and his close friend former police chief Devon Clunis were active in promoting this proactive strategy for not only police but also for other service organizations and individuals in our Winnipeg Community!
    I look forward to following your blog!

    • Thank you Wayne,
      I moved into Rons’ position after he retired and was fortunate enough to be promoted again after that!
      As you know education is a key pillar, I look forward to continuing working with our education professionals back at home and continuing the good work that has already been started!

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