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Field Studies

Northern Thailand – Reflection

After a very heavy week (hearts and minds), all Peace Fellows were asked to reflect on our week/ Field Study in Northern Thailand and the study of the “Reflection on Shan’s forced displacement” from Burma/Myanmar.  I have included my reflection below, please click the link.  I have included a few pictures from each day as well to show the beauty of this land and the amazing camaraderie and fellowship  experienced on this trip!

Sunday Night market Bangkok!  A must! 

Tuesday February 12th was a busy day!   We visited several locations along the Thailand and Myanmar border and teaching at temple.

Koungjor Camp

A great week!!!

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  1. I like to travel as it always seems to deepen my reflections on my studies, and worldview around social justice. It also reminds me of my privilege and life’s lottery that places some of us being born in Canada and others being destined for conflict zones and refugee camps.
    Love the idea of police officers and soldiers training, along with people from other service sectors, for peace-building.

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