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New food experiences!

New food experience shared at class!

Throughout these past several weeks I have been invited to a number of dinners and events.  Lunches with my colleagues and dinners after class have been filled with a lot of learning and laughter. Food is key to many things, including fellowship and relation building. It is a networking tool and a conversation starter.

Last week a classmate shared her experience trying alternative food types. She brought samples to class and I just had to try…   Roasted, bugs: cockroach types, beetles, grasshoppers, worms and slugs have never been on my bucket list of foods to try, but I have seen stalls in the Market and been a bit fascinated….  I just had to try!  This experience after all was all about, opening myself up to “new” things and experiences.

I tried a little beetle and a slug.. The former was a little crunchy and definite bbq flavor so if I didn’t think about it?  Not bad.  The large slug (worm thing anyway not sure of the name), was also ok but “a little soft and squishy”, it was  also ok, but harder to turn off my western brain about what I was eating.

End result? For sure try? I am happy I did at least so as to say I did it. It was not bad and I laughed and laughed for the entire afternoon. The conversation around class was engaging and fun.

Are you hungry?     

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