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Week 2-3 – Weekend down time at the Market(s)!

Floating Market

Sà-wàt-dee ka, สวัสดี !

Week 2 and 3 have been a whirlwind of activity classes, homework, work from home (it is transfer time and lots of emails an updates to stay on top of), connecting to family and loved ones(Happy Birthday sister Yvette!) and fellowship.

Before we get to the actual “work” portion (in my next post), I will give a brief update on my weekend experience at the Floating Market.  There is so much to do and see I realized that while I do want to share the updates and course content  – there is importance to people and relationships and I must say that my cohort of Peace Fellows and I have become fast friends. 

I do not say that lightly.   We are a diverse group of people from varied places and backgrounds, interests and perspectives.  We often disagree, with each other and sometimes even our presenters BUT we do this with respect and open minds!   I do not mean to sound too polyanna but it just makes me feel truly optimistic that everyone is trying so hard to have an open mind, to listen and to model respect, that there is much reason to hope for and expect positive change in our world!

Lat Yai Train Station

Back to the weekend.  It was absolutely AWESOME.  Clearly,  I have not yet improved my prose, but that sums it up best!

5 friends (Peace Fellows) and I rented a van and driver and were dropped off at Lat Yai train Station where we hopped the train 2 stops (for a cost of 3 baht each- which is less then a penny) to Maeklong station and “train” market.  As the train arrived at the station people, stalls and market products were literally inches from the train!  Bystanders were taking pictures of us (well the train really) it was a sea of people and products.  Within minutes of getting off the train I could see why.  A portion of the market was on the train tracks.  As soon as the train pulled away the entire track was covered with the market stalls and wares for sale!  Everyting from Fruits and vegetables, fish (fresh), raw meats , cloths and others sounvenir type goods.

After walking around abit we were picked up again, and driven to the Damnoen Saduak (ดำเนินสะดวก Dảneins̄adwk ) floating market.  The Floating Market is located at Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, about 105 kms (65 miles) from Bangkok.   It is mainly a tourist attraction in that you rent a boat and driver and are driven up and down canals to souvenir shops on the canals banks or to other small wooden boats filled with wares to barter.  It was great fun,  we had a dizzying amount of food, and we smiled and laughed almost the entire time. 

Floating Market

As we are beginning to get into the real practical and academic portions of our agenda I will attempt to share both components and even some of the learning in the separate tab.  Finally, and not least  – pictures.  There are some pretty amazing and dedicated photographers in our group.  While you usually see me in the back row of the pictures (not just because I am tall), I have come to appreciate the value and storey that pictures can tell.   I will update my posts with pictures so you can not only read and follow along but you can really “see” through the pictures the power of this experience, learning and people!

Rātrī s̄wạs̄di̒  – ราตรีสวัสดิ์  – good night.


  1. George Shannon

    What an amazing adventure. I am enjoying the blog and pictures very much.
    Bonnie you a great choice for this project.

    • Thanks you George,
      Just so you know I brought a couple of glass eagle feather and one of the glass bear paws I made at your glass classes (thank you for you help 🙂 ), and shared them this week with my class. Culture, symbolism and meaning is very important and I appreciated (again) the ability to be able to share there meaning from the Indigenous context and my personal connection!

  2. Gord

    Thanks for taking the time to share your story, it sounds like there will be a healthy exchange of ideas and experiences between you and your classmates which will no doubt produce some valuable results.

    • Thank you Gord, your support was very helpful for me to be here! I am very aware yet again how that personal connection and support to each other can make incredible difference! I promise to continue to pay it forward!

  3. Hello Bonnie,

    I read your Blog with interest.

    You sound so busy , planning,

    thinking , reading, preparing

    for the next session, and ret-

    aining the info.

    We are so proud of you being

    chosen for this great experience.

    Enjoy your leisure time , you seem

    to have so little of it.

    Keep well, have fun.

    Warm wishes ,


    2019,02, 14

    • Thank you Roxy, It has been years since I have been in university! I might be taking more time and care then is necessary, but I want to absorb all I can. Challenge already is how am I going to be able to share this experience in an short periods of time! There are so MANY amazing insights and ideas of what to bring home! But I promise to try and capture snippets to share in reasonable time blocks…

  4. Tammy

    Thank you for all of these updates Bonnie! I am so glad that you are able to take a little time for yourself during your studies. I can’t believe you are taking Thai lessons – good for you!

    • Thanks Tammy, I must admit I struggle with the Thai lessons, but I am trying! Thankfully in the “land of a thousand smiles” the people here are very forgiving and it is fun!

  5. Do you have any type of tips for writing posts? That’s where I constantly battle and also I just finish up gazing empty screen for lengthy time.

    • Hi Chloe, This has been a new experience for me and I have learned a lot since starting. I usually start with some concrete information (what we did) and then perhaps some thought’s about it? I write and go back the next day to edit and for me the biggest challenge is editing. This experience has been so wonderful I want to write wayyy too much. You want to somehow capture the essence without loosing people with the length. PHOTOS. This is the best tool. Use them they capture some things make difficult? Before you start I would ensure that you have a system for organizing and storing photos. This has been the biggest user for me as I go back and look for pictures to -SHOW- what I am writing. Good Luck. be

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