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I am on route!

On Route

Left Winnipeg at 655 am January 10th. By the time I arrived in Vancouver the Free Press article covering this website, blog and / program  was published and I landed with scores of emails and text messages from friends, colleagues and community offering words of support and encouragement.  It is sure touching to know how many people truely care.

That The Rotary Foundation has the Vision to organize ( more on that tomorrow) such a global venture is inspiring and I promise to try my best to use this opportunity to make a positive impact.

I am not sure what this experience will entail yet but I am busting with excitement looking forward to this new and somewhat unknown challenge. I will be updating and sharing as we go along!!!

The flight to Hong Kong and then Bangkok will take another 20 hours so I wanted to have something input as people check in to see what is going on and let you all know I will be providing background this weekend!

I will add the link to the article ( by Ashley Prest) and an overview of the academic portion so you all are reassured that this is really work ( just happens to be in January blink blink). Well it’s work and of course absolute belief that working together is the right way! The how’s ( I think as of right now anyway let’s see if I change my mind later?) will be and should be different depending on the community, topic and or context!

Ok time ™ shut off my cell phone. Much more to come this weekend as I figure this out!!!!



  1. marc robichaud

    Bonnie, Best of luck to you . I’m sure it will be an adventure .

  2. Scot Halley

    Safe travels and enjoy your time over there.

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