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Welcome to my blog.

I am a proud Metis woman, community advocate and police officer from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

I have been actively involved in community and non-government organizations (NGO) for over 28 years.

I am currently an Inspector with the Winnipeg Police Service; leading our Community Support Division, which is responsible for community engagement, proactive initiatives, building peace and partnerships.

I believe that to be effective in addressing poverty, health, and education, we, citizens and systems, must work together. That the role of a police officer is Peace Officer. 

That does not mean we are not responsible for safety and enforcement when necessary, but it does mean that we are clear, and transparent in our work. We work with our community, we are a part of our community and we are trusted by our community.

Together we keep each other safe.

I recently received the honour to be selected as a “Peace Fellow”, by Rotary International Foundation.  I will be  attending Chulalongkorn University – ROTARY PEACE CENTRE in Bangkok Thailand from January 14th -April 8th, 2019, for an intensive Professional Development Certificate Course on peace studies and conflict resolution. 

Rotary International has funded this exchange for 22 professionals from around the world to come together to share our work with each other and learn best practices and practical tools for conflict resolution and peace building.  

To learn more about the Rotary and the Peace Fellowship Program paste the URl into your browser.

This blog will chronicle my journey and share my learning!


  1. Greg Hammond

    Congratulations on your selection to training at the Rotary Peace Centre in Bangkok! I am a Member of the Winnipeg West Rotary Club. As Rotarians, we wish you a successful adventure.

    • HI Greg,

      That you for the message. All the comments are going be be posted and As I am new on wordpress /blogging I deleted your contact info (as I was not sure you would want them public), thinking I would be able to see your original message but I cannot. Opps, can you please resend and or reach out end of April/May when I return and I would be pleased to attend your Club meeting…. best

  2. Elaine Bishop

    Congratulations Bonnie! This is terrific news! Have a wonderful time in Thailand! Look forward to following you here, and hearing about it all when you get back!

  3. Ted Sims

    Congratulations and best wishes for an incredible learning experience…! I just read The Winnipeg Free Press Article and look forward to reading your future Blog Posts chronicling your journey.

  4. Carrie Werschler

    Congratulations Bonnie! What an adventure and learning experience this will be! I look forward to reading your blogs. Savour the moments. Cheers

  5. Wayne Ruff

    Hi Bonnie
    Did u receive my message that I sent yesterday-I shared your blog site with my son-in-law and Devon. Also shared with a former student (Mamoj) an administrator in Seven Oaks SD who is very interested in this topic!

    • Hello Wayne, Thank you!
      This weekend I think I have fixed my connection issues and will update the blog and continue with more information of class and our activities here! It is so inspiriting to sit in class with some great peace builders around the world. It makes real how the global is connected to local and vis versa!

  6. Eric Turner

    Hi Bonnie,
    Congratulations on being selected as a “Peace Fellow”, by the Rotary International Foundation.

    What a wonderful opportunity. I wish you all the best in your studies.


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